Welcome to Abeer and Sam for Student Body President and Vice President of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Why are we here?

Campaign Statement: 

As the current Student Body Vice President and Training & Development Programs Director, we have spent the three years of our undergraduate careers advocating for our needs as students. In the Minnesota Student Association, we lead large teams and push some of the biggest organizational initiatives, including: the urgent prioritization of mental health on campus through successes like the expansion of counselors and space for Boynton Mental Health, increased sexual assault prevention programming and policies like the Affirmative Consent Policy and securing funding for a Male Engagement Coordinator at the Aurora Center, legislative advocacy around tuition and affordability like a Big Ten-wide lobbying effort to secure Federal Pell Grants, and much more.

We would like to be the next Student Body President and Vice President because we would like to lead student government in continuing to relentlessly stand up for, and defend, the student body. From the proposed 15% out-of-state tuition hike to the lack of prioritization of mental health access, students have a lot of concerns that must be passionately advocated for.

We’re here for student wellbeing. We’re driven to prioritize what students need. Our team has focused, action-driven goals that we have collected throughout our time engaging with the student body.

As President and Vice President, we will strive for an inclusive government that achieves full representation of the student body, holds a firm position against systemic misrepresentation, and has open communication in order to promote a positive student experience.

Abeer and Sam, March 2016